Feb 7 • 1HR 58M

#1 - Vitalik Buterin on Starting New Countries, Upgrading Ethereum, and Improving Yourself

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What comes after Google, Facebook, Bitcoin, and Ethereum? Perhaps it's the startup country — the network state. Balaji interviews tech founders and policymakers from around the world on managing billions of dollars and millions of people, as well as what it might take to start a new kind of state.
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A discussion between Vitalik Buterin and Balaji Srinivasan on starting new countries, improving yourself, and upgrading Ethereum.

00:00 - Introduction
01:27 - A brief history of Ethereum
16:54 - The DAO hack
20:32 - The Devcon 2 attack
33:24 - The Merge
35:52 - Ethereum Roadmap
47:41 - The de-OFACization of Ethereum?
1:06:18 - Starting new countries
1:22:20 - Svalbard
1:27:29 - Network effects
1:33:12 - Regulation as a bounding box
1:35:42 - What new country would Vitalik start?
1:39:39 - Network states and social networks
1:43:19 - Advice on leveling up
1:51:17 - How Vitalik learned Chinese
1:55:14 - Learning by doing

1) Ethereum Average Block Time: https://ycharts.com/indicators/ethereum_average_block_time
2) What is EIP-1559: https://consensys.net/blog/quorum/what-is-eip-1559-how-will-it-change-ethereum
3) Quadratic Hash problem: https://bitcoinclassic.com/devel/Quadratic%20Hashing.html
4) The merge: https://ethereum.org/en/upgrades/merge
5) MEV watch: https://www.mevwatch.info
6) Sousveillance: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sousveillance
7) Best weather cities to live in the US: https://wired.com/2014/02/see-u-s-cities-get-least-days-pleasant-weather
8) Global passport ranking: https://passportindex.org/byRank.php?ccode=cn
9) Longyearbyen: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Longyearbyen
10) Demography of the Roman Empire: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Demography_of_the_Roman_Empire

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1xhPqZZYJSE

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Images: twitter.com/elijah10t