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#4 - The Winklevoss Twins and Balaji

#4 - The Winklevoss Twins and Balaji

Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss talk with Balaji about how Washington, DC is losing crypto, while other countries like the UAE and Japan are winning web3.


0:00 - I'm 6'5", 220, and there's two of me!

0:58 - Crypto flippening from America to Asia

7:15 - Crypto-friendly jurisdictions in the US: Wyoming, Tennessee

8:10 - The SEC is a failed regulator

18:45 - Crypto-friendly jurisdictions worldwide: Japan, Hong Kong, Dubai, El Salvador

27:31 - Winklevosses expanding in India

33:25 - What comes out of crypto?

35:45 - Flashback to 2013 TechCrunch Disrupt

37:01 - Crypto and AI, without the buzzword bingo

44:14 - The Winklevoss city


1) Gemini:

2) Wyoming DAO law:

3) Tennessee DAO law:

4) UAE Virtual Asset Regulatory Authority (VARA):

5) Japan Web3 support:

6) 2013 TechCrunch with Balaji, Naval, Winklevosses:




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